Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shed Hunting

Nick and I were itching to get out and take a hike. Although we have done a little this winter, it was not enough to quench the thirst. We decided to take our chances that there were a few antlers left in the woods for us to find. We headed off to the Lost Creek Wilderness area for the day.

We were heartened that we were on good grounds because we actually spooked a herd of elk soon after we started hiking. We followed their tracks for the better part of the morning, but didn't find any antlers.

Along about noon we decided to stop for lunch. One of the simple pleasures in life is a cup of Nick's hot sweet tea. Luda also made us a nice apple cake for dessert.

We decided to mosey on back toward the truck when I found my first horn! It was a spike antler lying in the mud next to a creek. Soon after Nick found a nice 3-pt on a grassy hill side. I couldn't let him out-do me, so I was glad to find a small rag horn in the woods. Not a bad haul for a Sunday!

All of the antlers we found were over a year old, so we were thinking that maybe the elk had not shed for this year yet. Hard to believe, but it was the only answer that would give us an excuse to go out again next week ;-)

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