Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mount Morrison

Just outside of Denver, Colorado near the Red Rocks Amphitheater is Mount Morrison. I joined Sean, Sam, and Mark on a climb of this close in mountain on 11/17/2007. I had not been out of the house since hunting season and I was really getting antsy.

This hike is good for late fall and winter. We decided to tackle it in order to keep our legs in shape for ski season. To get to the trail head simply take the Morrison exit off of C-470 and go to entrance 4 of Red Rocks. Immediately after the turn off there is roadside parking and the trail head is just across the road.

It turns out that the beginning and ending of this trail are quite steep. The middle section gives you a bit of a break on the angle of incline. The first photo looks back at the trail after the initial steep section. You come up to the point at the center-left of the photo then follow the ridge around. The second shows the trail ahead from the middle leg. You simply follow the ridge to the face of the peak.

As you follow the ridge you can see the Red Rocks Amphitheater below you at times as well as nice views of the city of Denver. As you approach the final ascent of the mount, the level is easily Class 2. I may return here soon to make this ascent more interesting with a bit of scrambling. Check out the nice scrambling rocks in the third photo.

There are many deer in this area so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. All in all a very nice hike. Not too exerting yet enough to satiate your climbing jones. Here's a nice view of the Red Rocks Amphitheater. I wonder if you could hear U2 sing "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" from up here?