Saturday, December 31, 2005

Not Enough Adventure

I haven't been out hiking or climbing as much as I would like lately. I did go snowboarding at Copper Mountain December 18th. It was my first time this year and the conditions were awesome. Colorado has had the best early snow in years. Running and hiking doesn't prepare your legs for riding, but I still managed 10 runs.

I did get a mountaineering class for my birthday! I am looking forward to learning how to climb some class 4 and lower 5 routes.

I am going to go for a hike somewhere this weekend. I can't blow a 3 day weekend here in my basement!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Las Vegas 2005

My sister Veronica, her husband James, Michelle and I took a trip to Las Vegas on December 2, 2005. My brother Larry and Kari did not make the trip.

We stayed at Circus Circus because Larry picked it, then didn't show up! The first night we went down town to Fremont Street. There were country bands playing since the rodeo finals were starting. We danced a bit at Binions. There was a goofy band with a strange lead singer.

Day two we went over to the Cowboy Christmas exhibit at the convention center. They had a lot of cool elk statues.

Day three James wanted to stay at the Sport's book all day, so V, M and I went over to the Hilton to check out the Star Trek experience. I thought the rides were okay, but not especially cool. Of course the acting was amateurish. The Borg encounter was better than the Klingon. At least I got my picture with a Klingon chick!

That night we went over to Gilley's to watch the rodeo and get some barbeque. We ended up staying after dinner, dancing to Ricochet. The band put on a great performance. Afterwards we headed over to the Luxor to lose more money.

Monday James and V headed home early. Michelle and I had earned a free buffet at the Wynn. Their buffet was simply amazing! They had king crab, prime rib, lamb chops, suishi, and a great dessert bar.

This post doesn't properly convey the fun we had this weekend, but I guess the best stuff should just stay in Vegas.