Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Book Freak

Wednesday signalled the start of Michelle's conference and thus a chance for me start doing the stuff she has less interest in. Whereas Denver has a shining beacon for book lovers in the Tattered Cover, I found no equivalent in Atlanta. Instead I found many smaller yet very unique book stores to explore.

The used book stores in the Virginia Highlands area offer a eclectic selection and I found a few gems, but my favorite is the A Capella bookstore in Little Five Points. I made an awesome find in a 1923 book titled "Mountain Climbing". It is now proudly displayed in my cubicle.

Before Michelle went off to her conference at the Georgia Dome, we took the Coca-Cola tour. The history of Coke is an important American success story and the tour makes it fun. At the end you get all the Coke product you can drink. Michelle fell in love with the Apple Soda from China and the Birch Beer. I liked the Italian appertif that has a strong aftertaste similar to tonic water.

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