Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hunt 2005 - Day 6

With the success of Wednesday and the need to finish packing out the hind quarters, we decide to head back to upper texas for the third day. Dave was back in camp and went with us to upper texas. Steve decided to hunt the spoons since his back was still hurting and the road is so rough our way.

The plan was to hunt in the morning and pack the hinds with the packs in afternoon. I went to Tuesday's overlook to try to find my wallet while Dave and Dalton went higher. The other hunters who were in the valley the past two days were doing the same hunt again this day.

I saw no elk in valley and no evidence of my wallet. There were shots way low and over in w gulch. After a couple of hours I hiked to meet up with Dave and Dalton. We hiked to the high point to hunt and check for my wallet. Dave and Dalton spotted that same buck we saw Tuesday. Here is a picture of a very cool moss covered lava rock.

No sign of elk while hunting the high point, so Dave decided to drop off and hunt the valley beyond high hill. He had a feeling. His feeling turned out to be a nice 4 point buck and doe.

Using the packs, the hind quarters were much easier than without them. It was still quite a task to pack them out to the ATVs. This is wilderness area, and there are signs reminding hunters that they cannot use mechanized vehicles even to retrieve game. By the time we made it out we decided to forgo an evening hunt and instead packed up camp to hunt the towers on the final day. All the shots we heard were lower, so we were thinking that might be a good plan.

Dave Eller is a natural leader and someone I respect. Here is what I mean by natural leader:

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