Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hunt 2005 - Conclusion

Colorado's normal elk seasons no longer give you two weekends, so our hunt was over. My hunt for my wallet was also over, so I had to borrow money from Michelle's grandma Millie. She gave me a nice leather wallet with deer on it too.

Saturday, we had breakfast with Angie so Dalton could see his mom and then headed for Moab to celebrate my sister's birthday. Larry and family also showed up, as was our surpise plan. Veronica was puting in new linoleum in her kitchen so we helped. We had a good party for V that night and played some texas holdem. Kari D won.

Dalton and I left Moab late Sunday after mucking through dad's stuff. We loaded our gear and meat at Dave's and realized we did not have Dalton's .270. We decided to go back up to hunt camp on the slim chance we could find it. We drove all the way up there and the road was getting quite bad. Luckily we found Dalton's gun in the case in the mud. It's a miracle Dave didn't run over it pulling out the motorhome.

By the time we returned to Grand Junction, it was 10 pm and the news on the pass was not good. We decided to spend the night at Millie's and leave at 4am for Denver. The passes the next morning were snow packed and an accident at Eagle cost us an hour. Then there was an accident on 6th in Denver which put me at work at 11 am.

Hunting season over!

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