Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hunt 2005 - Day 2

We all hooked up at camp Saturday night to discuss the day. Dave saw 20 hunters on atvs at the spoons and no elk. Steve took the wrong trail and got in late, but he too saw no elk. Since I was the only one who saw elk, and we needed to get Matt and Justin back to town, we decided to all hunt the towers Sunday.

The plan was for Matt and I to walk the far ridge, but we got on the wrong road. We ended up hiking the bottom of the valley. Since the original plan was ruined, we decided to head for the lower baldy just below where I had seen the rag horn the day before. Once at the baldy Matt took a little nap and we snapped the photos shown here.

Now that we had made it this far, we decided to make a loop of it and hike to far ridge hump above the saddle where we were supposed to be all along. Since the controlled burn, the hike over to this valley is much easier now that all that oak brush is gone. On the far ridge we saw no sign of elk. We had lunch, then hiked down far ridge to the fence. Matt twisted his ankle and I thought we were screwed with over two miles to the atv. Matt was a trooper and we hiked across the valley to the chained off area. No sign of any elk this low, but I did find an arrow head!

After the long long hike, Matt and I decided to ride the atv over and find the road we were supposed to be on. Turns out it was much closer to the county line. I let Matt drive and we had some fun climbing the dirt hills down in the desert. We followed the power line over some cool hills back to the pickup.

Day Two: no elk spotted, no shots.

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