Thursday, May 06, 2010

Riding Rampart Range

Dalton joined James, Matt, and I for another early spring trip to ride ATV's at Rampart Range.  Last time the snow drifts were a bit much and we got stuck many times.

At first my old Yamaha 400 had trouble with the snow drifts.  The drifts were smaller and no trouble for the newer machines, but we had just a bit of trouble with the old girl.

We started down trail 673, but after removing many downed trees from the trail we came upon a large pine that was not removable.  We decided to turn around.

Next we went on the Overlook trail and got further than last time.  Last time the snow drift just past the creek turned us around.  This time there was less snow, but as the trail comes back around and crosses the creek again we encountered a crossing that had been washed out.  The snow drift on the opposite bank was a further complication.  Again we had to head back the way we came.

We then chose to try Scotty's.  Scotty's is a very fun trail with many whoop-te-dos, and burns.  We finally found the section that gives Scotty a black diamond.  This large sloping rock was a bit too steep for us to go down.  Next time we hope to come up it.

Another great day at Rampart.

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