Sunday, May 09, 2010

Rainbow Falls ATV

We made a trip up to Rampart Range only to find the trails closed.  The ranger there was very pleasant and professional.  He gave us a map and told us that the Rainbow Falls area outside of Woodland Park was open for riding.  We decided to make the trip.

We took a quick loop around what I think was trail 348.  This trail has a nice technical section to challenge your skills whether ATVing or Jeeping.

We then took the ATV only trail 633 which has a fun little rock to climb (more later).  See picture.

This lead to trail 631 which was the most interesting of the day for me.  The trail winds through tight trees and is a joy to ride.

Next was 633 more fun in the woods.  We came to a hill climb which I was the first up, then Matt

We came back to our rock and three of us made it, but John didn't.  He wrecked his bosses ATV!  He then wrecked it again in a rutted down hill on trail 634.


Anonymous said...

Was that hillclimb part of a trail? It didn't look like it. Random hill climbs are ILLEGAL!!! I am a forest ranger and if I saw you doing that I'd give you a $200+ ticket for not staying on the trails.

Unknown said...

Get a life ranger bob