Friday, July 03, 2009

The Lost Ring of Hammerhead

Scouring my Flatiron Classics book for a new scrambling route I happened upon a climb called Yodeling Moves. This route is on a rock called Hammerhead which is in the area of the fourth flatiron on Green Mountain. I took the Royal Arch trail from Chattaqua Park.

The bottom of Hammerhead just down from Sentinel Pass to the west of the trail about 50 feet. I forgot my GPS... but I will get coordinates next time. Half the fun is finding it for yourself anyway.

The climbing on Hammerhead is very enjoyable as you travel over a long arch. The holds are plentiful and secure, but if you look down too long you may feel a bit nervous without a rope. This is Class 4 territory and climbing this free solo without a partner always makes me pay close attention (photo 1). This second photo shows the route to the summit of Hammerhead on the west side that gives Yodeling Moves its name.

I continued on up to the Last Flatiron's East Face. This is more Class 4 climbing (photo 3) and is very enjoyable as well. The angle of the rocks in the flatirons makes climbing easy on the muscles. As you reach the summit, the downclimb would look a bit dubious were it not for the dead tree that is positioned perfectly. I can't imagine anyone placing this large tree here, so it is was awfully lucky for it to land so fortuitously.

What was not so fortuitous was my lost ring. I had taken off my wedding ring and put it in my pocket. Somewhere along the way it came out. I'm making it my mission to keep climbing these rocks until I find the damned thing.

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