Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Lost Ring of Hammerhead Part 2

After losing my wedding ring during a hike/ascent of Hammerhead's Yodeling Moves, I needed to get back up on the rock as soon as possible. I took off from work early on a Tuesday to make my way to Boulder. This time I started at NCAR and did a trail run approach sans backpack. My new Scarpa approach shoes are perfect for a run/scramble combo. The photo above is me at the bottom of Hammerhead. This photo shows the nice holds this rock has.

The second time up Yodeling Moves and the East Face of the Last Flatiron was just as enjoyable as the first. I hope to find my ring, but if not it will make a good excuses to keep returning to these nice climbs. This time I added on Fern Alley. This Class 3 scramble starts just as the Last Flatiron ends and is aptly named: A rock canyon with lots of ferns. Check out this photo of Hammerhead... this rock so much nicer to climb than the brittle sandstone around where I grew up in western Colorado.

I think one could combine the Casino Royale, Yodeling Moves, Last Flatiron, and Fern Alley for an awesome day of climbing. I didn't find my ring, so maybe that's what I will try next time. This photo shows the last pitch on the Last Flatiron. You can see the huge dead tree poking out at the top.

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