Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Slick Rock Bike Trail

Well my niece decided she must have a June wedding, so she plans it with a week's notice. What this means for the YACC is a trip to Moab, Utah rather than a rafting trip on the best water in quite a few years.

Having family in Moab means that I have biked Slick Rock many times. Since Larry and I are planning a Kokopelli trip in September, I decided I should bring my bike to the wedding. Dalton and I busted ass out of Denver on Friday night and spent the night in Grand Junction. Saturday morning I took my bike to the Lunch Loop area and took a trip up Pet-e-kes, over to Little Park Road, then down the Eagle's Tail. This was a nice warm up for Moab on Sunday.

Sunday morning I was supposed to help clean up after the Saturday night festivities. Instead I ditched my duties and headed up to Slick Rock. I was surprised to find only a few vehicles in the parking lot. Has everyone abandoned Moab, or is it the heat?

Since I was riding alone and there weren't very many people on the trail, I didn't push my luck too much. I walked a few sections that normally I would have chanced a ride. My training hasn't been hard-core up to this point, but I found that I am in pretty good shape. I pulled some of the hard hills (picture 1) and made the full 11 mile trip in good time.

Picture 2 is a classic view of biking on great rock with the La Salle's in the back ground. The third pic proves I made it out to Shrimp Rock and back. The final picture shows the section where Jeepers and bikers share this super area.

I can't wait to ride this with Larry so we can compare skills!

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Zufelts said...

Sorry you missed your river trip uncle! But at least you had a good weekend, and I am so glad that you guys could make it!!!