Wednesday, July 02, 2008

El Camino Royale and Royal Arch Climb

Dalton and I headed up to the FlatIrons above Boulder on a Wednesday evening after work to enjoy a classic climb of the El Camino Royale and the Royal Arch. This is indeed an enjoyable scramble.

We approached from the NCAR trialhead even though some books recommend the Chautauqua trailhead to get to the Royal Arch. I think that NCAR is a better way to get to the El Camino because you can leave the trail once the big rock comes into view and bushwhack up. Be sure to leave the trail before you hit the Woods Quarry.

The El Camino Royale is 800 yards of pure scrambling fun. Climbing the Royal Arch is more intense and it seems that going up is scarier than coming down. Even Dalton was deliberate in spots, but then again he was climbing in his sandals.

We arrived back at the car after dusk and headed down to Pearl Street in Boulder for some beers at BJ's.

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