Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mt. Garfield

This week brings Dalton and me back to Grand Junction for the DOT fantasy football draft. I flirted with the idea of climbing to the swan on Grand Mesa, but forgot my day pack so decided a trip up Mt. Garfield was more prudent.

The trail to the top gains 2,000 ft. within two miles. The first section is a very steep climb up a dirt ridge. Then you travel through a hidden valley before skirting the upper ridge. From here the trail is much easier and the view from the top presents the Grand Valley from Palisade to Loma.

On the way down I passed a woman on her way up. I commented "Steep, huh". She replied, "Fucking steep!" :-0 I decided to visit the old mine which is just north of the trail. There is a fossil outcroping there and I picked out some nice shell fossils.

Then it was on to the lemon sqeezer a bit further north. This easy climb through a crack to a secluded ledge is a favorite for kids of all ages.

I was back in Grand Jct. by noon to spend the day with Matt. That night I went to the Feuerborn fantasy draft with Dave and Steve. It was my first glimpse at a keeper league. The following day was the DOT draft preceded by a two man 18 hole scramble. John and I won the tourney! Mostly due to his golfing skills, but I did manage to contribute two birdies.

Dalton did most of the drafting brain work, picking up Cory Dillon and Jamal Lewis in the first couple of rounds. Hopefully he won't have a sophmore slump with his "12 Monkeys" team.

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