Sunday, August 14, 2005

Colorado Trail Section 21

After picking up camp we started our back country road trip to Spring Creek Pass. I was a bit worried about having enough gas, because my truck had less than half a tank (16 gal.), but we made it fine and witnessed some awesome cliffs around Cathedral. We decided to pop into Lake City and pick up some bread and beer.

On the way back up the pass, it was raining quite hard and we were leary of setting up camp in the rain. After a very cold and wet weekend in these mountains last Labor Day, we were willing to rent a cabin but could find no one to rent us one. It turned out perfectly though, because we found a camp spot at the Spring Creek Pass corral and the rain finally subsided.

The next morning we headed out for section 21, travelling east. From the highway it is a two mile uphill hike to the top of Snow Mesa. As we topped the mesa we saw three bull elk. One six point and two five points. They were quite spooky and took off after I snapped a picture. Then the trail is a 3.5 mile hike across Snow Mesa to a small pond where the trail turns North and skirts a very beautiful valley. Just before the lake we spotted a sizable herd of elk to the south. Just awesome. The trip around the valley was very cool. You can see an interesting saw tooth rock formation just below the lip of the mesa.

We had lunch at the 7 mile point and returned the way we came for a total of 14 miles. We are saving the other half of 21 for another excuse to travel down to the beautiful La Garita Wilderness.

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