Saturday, May 21, 2005

Israel - Final Days

Bishop led a short explanation of speaking in tongues.

Bishop preached about the end times where a river will flow from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea and bring life there.

Supper with a lady from Virginia.

Saturday we walked the Via De La Rosa. The road Jesus carried his cross along. We visited each station and ended in the Church that is the alternate tomb site to the Garden Tomb. The Garden Tomb the day before where Bishop gave a sermon and we sang. A young choir was also there and they sang beautifully. We visited the tomb with the roll away stone.

After the group went on to Rome, I spent the afternoon exploring old Jerusalem. I bartered with a local merchant and bought some old Jerish coins.

Two nights before we took a stroll around with a group and each of us got a nickname. Smokie, Sweetness and Light, Fig Leafa, and me D Cup and Up.

The trip from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv is surprisingly short. Seeing the countryside was a pleasure and our trip home was cool. We flew over the Black Sea, Eastern Europe, Germany, England and on along the North Atlantic route.

Definitely a trip everyone should take. I was sad that we did not go to Rome, but it just makes it a higher priority for next time!

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