Monday, May 16, 2005

Israel Day Three - Baptism

After leaving Ceasarea Philippi we traveled to the spot where Jesus was baptised (probably) just below the Sea of Galilee at Yardenit. At first I wasn't going to be baptised, but Michelle convinced me. I did not want to do it because of my doubts, but decided to try with an open heart. Michelle and I went together and we were baptised by Garrett Leonard and Jerion Hamm. I felt a bit nervous before, but was quite peaceful afterwards. I must admit I did not feel filled with the holy spirit.

We had lunch in Tiberias at a restaurant by the sea. We ate Peter's fish for lunch. It is named after Peter found a gold coin in one that he caught. There were many Peter's fish in the sea. There were many stray cats hanging around waiting for scraps. The Sea of Galilee is really just a mid sized lake.

From Tiberias we travelled to Capernaum, Jesus choice for home town. We saw the remains of Peter's house and the church build above it. The church is designed to resemble a boat. The synagogue near by was probably not build by Jews because the alter causes worshipers to face away from Jerusalem. Men and women pray separately so the men are not tempted. Pray for women is optional because they have so many other duties.

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