Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Pack

Monday we all went up to the radio towers so we could pack out the two elk.  Johnny and Steve went in first because they still had licenses to fill.  They spotted a bull elk on the first ridge beyond the towers.  Johnny could not see the antlers but could see the bulls balls.

We loaded up the packs and Clark couldn't make it.  These animals are big!  It ended up taking me three days to fully get my bull elk out of there.  I would hike up in the morning, get a quarter on my pack, eat lunch, then slog down the mountain arriving at my ATV at dusk.

I went on a straight line from what we call Kiss Me Rock, up to the bald knob where just below I had harvested my bull elk.  This took me through the burn, then through thick oak brush, out in the open on a path I would never take when actually hunting.  Too easy to see a human for these elk.

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