Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Second Flatiron July 2011

I haven't been back to the second flatiron for awhile -- it's not my favorite scramble, but it is a good one.  It makes for a good after work climb where you can get done before the sun sets.  Here you can see some of my scrambling brethren.
Dodge Block
Today I climbed the Dodge Block line on the Second Flatiron.  It is a bit easier in my opinion than Freeway.  You can actually make it as easy as you like by trending left.  Here's a picture of the first pitch.
Proof I was there
 On this day I not only saw the scramblers in the first photo, but also some roped climbers on my route.  I stayed left of them and actually climbed below the rock that requires a "flying leap".
Aesthetic Scramble

By staying low and left, I found an enjoyable line that I hadn't explored before.  I also climbed higher than normal.  The final pitch just to the north of the pullman car has an easy escape.  But it isn't visible as you ascend, so it takes a bit of faith unless you remember the ending.

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