Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mount Eva Descent

On the last day of May, 2008 Sean and I hiked to the top of 13,130 ft Mount Eva and skied down. Well I snowboarded down. The road was not entirely passable up to the reservoir, so we had to hike the road for about a mile. From the reservoir you head south up a steep drainage from the upper lakes for about a quarter mile. From there you head west to the ridgeline. The mileage from the main reservoir is about 2.25 miles to the summit of Mount Eva.

The final leg to the summit is a fairly steep snowclimb. I had to remove my snowshoes and front point the final 300 feet. It might have been nice to have crampons, but the ascent was never unsafe.

From the summit you ski down the ridge line for about 100 yards to an old tower station. From there a notch in the ridge allows access to the snow slope. This slope was perfect corn snow. Bearing to the left allows access to another slope down to the flats and marshes.

After the flat marshes you get a final snow slope down to the upper reservoirs. This snow was much slushier. The stickiness of the snow caused me some problems on my board, but we made it back.

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