Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mount Audubon and Paiute Peak

I finally hooked up with my buddy Sean for a scramble on Mount Audubon on August 26,2007.

Taking the Brainard Lake trail to the lake we then made our way over to the south east ridge. Ascending to the ridge requires travel over a steep boulder field.

Once on the ridge it is easy Class 2 scrambling until you reach the notch. Gerry Roach's Indian Peaks book doesn't give a hint as to the route finding here, but I will spill the beans. Make your way left (South) about 100 yards back from the peak. Scramble around the peak on a narrow ledge and you will find your way to the saddle. This picture is looking back so the route is on the right of the photo.

Once you reach the top of the ridge, it is back to some boulder scrambling as you make the final ascent of Audubon. Once on top you will meet up again with the crowd.

The skies were getting a little cloudy, but we decided the trip over to Paiute was worth a try. The descent has nice views, and the ridge has a couple of nice scrambling spots.

The ascent of Paiute offers more sustained scrambling and is quite fun. Sometimes you have to force the scramble, because you can easily bypass some of the cliffs.

The descent of Paiute we took turned it out to be a challenge in itself. As you head for the lake the slope contains loose rock and scree. One must be careful not to roll rocks onto one's partner.

Reaching the lake we caught a couple skinny dipping in the cold mountain lake, so we slowed our descent. The trail back to the parking lot completed the 10 mile round trip.

Sean and I enjoyed a celebration beer back at the truck, then stopped off for a quick drought to seal the day.

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