Sunday, September 04, 2005

Caribou 4WD

After climbing to San Isabel Glacier, we still had plenty of daylight so we decided to explore the area to look for possible deer hunting spots.

First we looked around the Gold Hill Road area. It looks like public ground and private ground in this area is a patchwork that could be quite confusing. The terrain is also very steep, so only dedicated hunters need apply.

Then we proceed to FR 298 toward Arapahoe Glacier. Much of this area is heavily wooded and some of it is owned by CU, which doesn't allow firearms; thus no hunting. Just before the campground we discovered an easy 4WD trail that we decided to take into Nederland. This decision turned out to be awesome.

The trail was not too challenging and requires only high clearance not 4WD. A good thing since we were in Michelle's Cherokee. After we passed another campground, we topped a hill and spotted our first animals! No not deer, moose! A cow and a calf were proceeding across the valley. Further down the road we spotted a cow elk.

I don't know if there are deer in this country, but 29 and 38 are the only units with deer tags left. I think a bit more scouting is in order.

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